Sparks The Rescue – Autumn chords

Tabbed by: Kody Sullivan. Enjoy! :D Gonna keep the chord names simple, so take a look at 
the key I made! Listen to the acoustic version for the strumming feel, etc.

C = [x3201x]
G = [32001x]
Am= [x02210]
Cm= [x3321x]
(Dm=Cm just a step higher)
Em= [022000]

C, G, Am, Cm

C G AmGirl, you remind me of summertime
Cm CBut now you need time to clear your mind
G AmYou're tripping over what is wrong and right
Cm G AmJust decide, I've been waiting all night
CThink back, think back, to the summertime
GI would cross through these state lines
Am CmYou were always on my mind
CIt should not be this hard to see
GHow to get from point A to B
Am CmWithout losing sleep, without losing sleep
C G AmI will follow the electric lines
Cm CWith my electric heart I then will find
G AmA way through all these damn street signs
Cm AmBut I'll be there, I'll wait by your side
Amaj AmOoo, by your side
[Chorus] [Bridge]
Am EmWe spin, we spin
Cm Dm AmAnd fall onto the floor
Em CmYou're such a lovely lady
Am EmWe spin, we spin
Cm Dm AmAnd circle round once more
Em Cm DmThough it's making me crazy, yeah
[Chorus x2]
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