Sparks – You Got A Hold Of My Heart tab

You Got A Hold Of My Heart
G					    D
I've done my best to forget you, dumped your perfume down my drain
F                                      C
My telephone is always in use, day and night
Cm                                           G                Gdim
You've got a weird conception of love if you thought that was love
C                            G
Like a rocket, I am ready to fly

G					         D
Back lit so you can't see their faces, your replacement is everywhere
F                                           C
Brown bodies just a little too wide prance around
Cm                                            G        Gdim
O.K., let's say my judgement was poor give me one more chance
C                                     G
And like a rocket, I will fly to your side
G                    B    C  Cm   
You got a hold of my heart       (3x)
California makes it hard to be lonely, you’re supposed to feel happy this year
So the days show traces of tears in your eyes
I've done my very best to forget you and in fact, I failed
And like a rocket, I will fly to your side


Am 				    F	          G                        G7
The grass is greener on the other side, that's what some old guy said
Am 				F	         G                     G7
But I know that old guy must have lied or he was out of his head


by: José Duarte
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