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Get In The Swing
Get in the swing, pal 
                           E             A   C
Get in the swing with everybody and everything (repeat)
   B           D
My friends are here 
B       D    B       D        B     D 
Mind if I go out and not come back again 
      B        D    B       D
Well, thanks a lot Hooray, hooray
    B        D       B        D          B       D
The night is younger than the girl who's got the touch 
    B      D
But not by much 

      A          E               E/G#    
Well, I ain't no Freud, I'm from L.A. 
But I know certain things 
That they also serve who sit and wait 
They're cheaper than painting and don't need explaining

When Salmon spawn 
A ton of water blocks their motion, spoils their game 
But on they go 
Thrashing 'til their mission is fulfilled or else 

Oh, but they have their friends 
And have a warm bed waiting 
Just like I do with you 
I'm happy, so happy, I'm happy, oh happy 


All for one, one for all 


Hello down there 
This is your creator with a questionaire 
Hello up there 
I don't have the time to fill out questionaires 

Chorus + 
Get in the swing, pal, get in, get in (2X)
Get in the swing, pal, get in, get in (2X)

by: Josť Duarte
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