Sparrow - A Broken Sign tab

                        |Sparrow - A Broken Sign|
 I heard this song and since the artist is my last name i decided it would be cool if
i tabbed it out.  Pretty good song if you listen to it and play with it.
   A     A9     E     D   
E |x|   |x|    |x|   |x|
A |0|   |0|    |2|   |0|
D |2|   |0|    |2|   |0|
G |2|   |2|    |1|   |2|
B |2|   |0|    |0|   |3|
e |x|   |x|    |x|   |x|  *You NEVER play the x strings except last chord

A A A9 A A9 

Verse 1:
     A              A9
an open mind, birds in flight 
     A               A9
a broken sign, a world of light 
        A               A9  
its head to head, some broken glass 
       A                E
its full of lead, its hard to pass. 

 E                               D
why cant i see you for what you are, 
i see whats in front but not too far.

Verse 2:
      A             A9
pushing broom, digging holes
      A                A9
a poor mans tune, reversing roles
        A               A9
darkened streets, no more light 
      A               E
drunken fools, taking the night


You keep playing the verse chords during the part when he sings 
"oooh oooh oooh" until he goes higher then you play:


There will also be a piano part during this, but keep playing the verse chords.
Does more "oooh oooh oooh" then goes into the verse.
Verse 3:
       A                 A9
some lovely shape, a sea side view 
     A               A9
a living mink, a kneeler pew 
         A                 A9
a stain glassed wall, a rainbow shine 
      A                 E
a mirrored hall, nothing but time. 


He sings "mmmh mmmmh, mmmmh mmmmh" to the verse chords and ends on


 The end. Im 90%+ positive that this is correct. Questions or comments
e-mail me at
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