Sparta – While Oceana Sleeps tab

While Oceana Sleeps -by- Sparta
Dropped D

Intro/Verse- Guitar 1 (jim)

1-----12---|2---10-----|3-11-------| -play once in the beginning of each measure4----------|5----------|6----------|
Intro/Verse - Guitar 2 (paul)
1-------7--5---|2-7--5--X--X---|3-X--X--9--7---|4-9--7---------| -play when jim starts to sing5--------------|6--------------|
Chorus - Both Guitars
1------------------|2------------------|3-11--13--9--7--6--|4-X---X---X--X--X--| (x4) strum accordingly5-9---11--7--5--4--|6------------------|
Verse 2 - Guitar 1 (jim) [ same as verse 1 ] Verse 2 - Guitar 2 (paul)
1--------|2--------|3--------|4-14-11--| -keep repeting and use the right effects to make it sound right5--------|6--------|
Chorus - Same as before Bridge
1--------------------------------------------|2--------------------------------------------|3-11--13--9--11--13--14--11--13--------------|4-X---X---X--X---X---X---X---X---0-4-9-8-7-5-|5-9---11--7--9---11--12--9---11--0-4-9-8-7-5-|(x2)only the heavy distorded6--------------------------------0-4-9-8-7-5-| chords..listen and you will hear it
Chorus - Same as before Bridge - Same as before but play the heavy distorted chords (when jim sings "these 4 times and end on
Thats it, i dont think its 100% correct but pretty close. it sounds good. Please rate add any coments or corrections.
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