Specials – Hey Little Rich Girl tab

-=Rhythm Guitar=-

As usual with ska you will be playing on the offbeat only.  On the beat, loosen your 
off the frets and strum down
to produce the muted effect.  On the off beat, put the pressure back on the frets and 
up.  Repeat.

The rhythm guitar comes in after the initial lead riff.

Verse (also played after bridge):

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + etc.E|x-5-x-5-x-5-x-5-|x-5-x-5-x-5-x-5-|x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|B|x-5-x-5-x-5-x-5-|x-5-x-5-x-5-x-5-|x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|G|x-5-x-5-x-5-x-5-|x-5-x-5-x-5-x-5-|x-4-x-4-x-4-x-4-|x-4-x-4-x-4-x-4-|D|----------------|----------------|x-5-x-5-x-5-x-5-|x-5-x-5-x-5-x-5-|A|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| Am G
Chorus (also played during the sax solo):
E|x-8-x-8-x-8-x-8-|x-10x-10x-10x-10|x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|x-7-x-7-x-7-x-7-|B|x-8-x-8-x-8-x-8-|x-10x-10x-10x-10|x-3-x-3-x-3-x-3-|x-8-x-8-x-8-x-8-|G|x-9-x-9-x-9-x-9-|x-11x-11x-11x-11|x-4-x-4-x-4-x-4-|x-9-x-9-x-9-x-9-|D|x-10x-10x-10x-10|x-12x-12x-12x-12|x-5-x-5-x-5-x-5-|----------------|A|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| C D G Em
The last time forget the Em and end on a G. The rhythm of the Em is actually a bit than the others, listen to the song if you want to figure it out. Bridge: The bridge is mostly bass but here are the chords anyway: C Am Em D Hey little rich girl, you've been away for so long C Am Em and now little rich girl my words are in this song (and repeat, end on a D) -=Lead Guitar=- Listen to the song for the rhythms. Intro Riff: G|777-5--4--5--2-|555-4--2--4----|777-5--4--5--2-|555-4--7--4----| Chorus: Right before the chorus repeatedly strum an open G chord with distortion on. The chorus riff sounds a lot better on sax and keyboard, but here it is if you want to it anyway:
E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|G|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|D|---2---4---5--0-|---4---5---7--0-|5---7---5---4---|2---4---2---0---|A|3---------------|5---------------|----------------|----------------|E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| (Sax part) (Keyboard Part)
The last time around play the sax part once, but instead of the keyboard part play this:
Right back into the into riff. Sax Solo: I haven't transposed the sax part to guitar so I don't have that to post. I would post version of the solo but without a track to listen to it would only be confusing. If you mess around the G string you should be able to come up with something that sounds good. Another option is to simply the sax/keyboard riff from the chorus during the solo. Have fun!
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