Specimen - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang tab

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (7" version)
Wet Warm Cling Film Red Velvet Crush
Transcribed by Tom Quinn

Band website:

This is transcribed entirely by ear.  About 99% of it is suspect,
so feel free to e-mail me (M0L3CH@yahoo.com) with any corrections.
Enjoy ;)

Intro (clean):

e|----------------------|B|-----------------(6)--|G|------------------5---|D|------------2~----3---|A|------------x---------|E|-(12)\--(0)-0---------| Scrape down from 12th fret
Main Riff:
e|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|-----4-----3-----4-----3---------------|D|-----x-----x-----x-----x---------------|A|-----2-----1-----2-----1---------------|E|--0-----0-----0-----0-----0-0h2^3^2~---| (This part was played live)
e|---------------------------------------|B|-----5-5-5------------(5)--(8)---------|G|-----------4-(4)~---4--4----7----------|D|-(2)----------------x--x----x----------|A|--x-----------------2--2----5----------|E|--0----------------(0)---------(12)\---| Scrape down from 12th fret
There are a lot of dead notes, scrapes, slides, rakes, etc., so listen carefully. Key: ( ) = Ghost note x = Dead note ~ = Vibrato/let ring \ = Slide down ^ = Bend/release
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