Spector - Friday Night Dont Ever Let It End chords

Standard Tuning         No Capo 
Guitarists: Christopher Burman and Jed Cullen

INTRO:          F       Dm      Am      Bb      C
F The honey-moon was over
AmBefore the wedding had begun
Dm The tropic was Capricorn
BbLeft melting in the sun
FBut what could be more beautiful
AmThan a weekend in the rain?
DmThe moment that you realize
BbThat you're on your own again
BbOn-on on your own again
C Oh give it all up the sun has set
FNo-one’s coming to rescue you
COh give it all up the sun has set
FYou know that guy is wrong for you
Dm AmI thought it was the weekend But where are all my friends?
Bb CIt's Friday night, don't ever, don't ever let it end.
FILL: F Dm Am Bb C (Verse Chords) I heard you got a new gang I guess you're seeing how it goes And if the light outside could save me I better keep the curtains closed That night we took the boat out Still replaying on my mind More to memories Sunk by the passage of time Pre Chorus Chorus FILL: F Dm Am Bb C
Bb This is not something that I do best
CThis is not a heart within my chest
Am This is not a subject I understand
BbThis not the evening we had planned
Bb But I know you now like I knew you then
CThis will repeat itself again
Am This is not the end, this is not the end,
Bbthis is not the end, this is not the end
F Dm Am Bb CFri-day night, I don't want to wake up alive X5
F Dm Am Bb C F(let ring)
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