Speedway - Always Here tab

I used the chords that Jill Jackson gave us on the Speedway board to figure out the 
plucking pattern to this amazing song!

Chord CE|----------------||B|0---------------||G|--0-------------||D|----0---0-------||A|----------0-----||E|------0---------|| x2
Chord FE|----------------||B|----------------||G|0---------------||D|--0-----0-------||A|----0-----0-----||E|------0---------|| x1
Chord GE|0---------------||B|--0-------------||G|----0-----------||D|------0---------||A|------0---------||E|------0---------||
Repeat the C and F chord and sometimes going to G (thats wot Jill said lol) Then the middle 8 goes C/F/G/C/F/G/C/E/Am/D7/Dm 7thG Ive tried to figure that part out but to me it just sounds like C and F repeated over and over again.
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