Spencer Bell – The Whole Damn Thing chords

Song: The Whole Damn Thing
Artist: Spencer Bell
Album: Brain

(Each chord represents a measure of 4/4; strum pattern is simple: 1 2 3 4&)

Also, it sounds better that after four strums of the C chord, you hit the low G [on the 
6th string] instead of strumming up once, especially in the intro and at the end. 
Correct me if I'm wrong on anything, but this sounds right for the most part to 
me. Just four basic chords for such a lovely song. Enjoy :D

C G Dm F
C G Dm F F

C G She walked upstairs
Dm F Sat there on the bed
C Nonchalantly
GA joint in her lips
Dm F How overly appropriate I said
C G Dm F C G Dm FF
C G She cracks her mouth to smile
DmI think I see a light inside
FIs that your heart I ask
C G She didn't know just what I meant
Dm F
F All she knew was that the answer was yes
C G She's not attached to me
Dm F I'm not in any of her dreams
C G She's not a part of me
Dm F G C CC She's the whole damned thing
G Dm F C G Dm F C G Dm F F F G C
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