Spencer Jon Blues Explosion - Afro tab

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From: ihbryant@mailhost.ecn.uoknor.edu (Ira Houston Bryant Iv)

from the album Extra Width
by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
tabbed by Ira H. Bryant IV

Note:  The 'solo' part of this song was done on their homemade distortion
creator  (it has an antenna, and the frequency of distortion is determined
by the distance from the antenna to a person.

I have no clue what the lyrics are.  If anybody knows, please post them.

Riff 1: Esus2 Dsus2e:---7-----7--7--------------5-----5--5--|B:---7-----7--7--------------5-----5--5--|G:---9-----9--9--------9--8--7-----7--7--|D:---9-----9--9-----9--------7-----7--7--|A:---7-----7--7--------------5-----5--5--|E:---------------------------------------|
Riff 2: B5 B5e:------------------------------------------------------------|B:-----------------------------------------7-7----------------|G:--------------------7b(7.5)------------------9-9-7b(7.5)----|D:--9-----9--9--7--9-----------7--9---9-9------------------7--|A:--9-----9--9--------------------9---9-9---------------------|E:--7-----7--7--------------------7---7-7---------------------|
Play Riff 2 Three Times
Riff 3: B5 B5e:------------------------------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------------------------------|G:--------------------7b(7.5)---------------------------------|D:--9-----9--9--7--9-----------7--9---9-9---------7-----------|A:--9-----9--9--------------------9---9-9---7--9--------------|E:--7-----7--7--------------------7---7-7---------------------|
Play Riff 1 Three Times Drums Play Riff 1 Drums Play Riffs 2 or 3 Nine Times (There seems to be no particular order, they're interchangable) Play Riff 1 Play Riffs 2 or 3 Nine Times Play Riff 1 Play Riff 3 (Again!) PLay Riff 1 Play Riff 3
(Distortion Solo) Play Riffs 2 or 3 Twelve Times Play Riff 1 Play Riff 3 Play Riff 1
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