Spill Canvas - Black Dresses chords

The Spill Canvas - Black Dresses

Tabbed by: Jeremy Snook
Email: sightnowchanging@gmail.com

Tuning: Standard

Note: An X below the tab's notes means you need to palm mute that note. An X ON the tab 
means you just do not play that not during the strum.


E B C A A2 De|-0--0--0--0---0--0--|B|-7--0--0--8---0--0--|G|-0--7--0--0---4--0--|D|-5--0--7--10--2--9--|A|-7--5--x--0---0--0--|E|-0--7--8--x---x--10-|
Sweep/strum these V V Ve|-------------------------------------------------|B|----7-7/8\7p0------------------------------------|G|------0---------7-7/9\7p0---------------0h7------|D|------5-----------0---------7-7p0--7p0-----9-----|A|------7-----------5-----------x------------------|E|--00--0-------77--7-------88--8--88---88---------| xx xx xx xx xx
e|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|----7-7/8\7p0--------------------------------------------------|G|------0---------7-7/9\7p0---------------0h7--------------------|D|------5-----------0---------7-7p0--7p0-----9~--7~--4/5\4/5/7~~~|A|------7-----------5-----------x--------------------------------|E|--00--0-------77--7-------88--8--88---88-----------------------| xx xx xx xx xx
/ = slide up \ = slide down
h = hammer-onp = pull-off
Intro strumming: E B C A E B C C E B C A E B C C Verse:
E B C A E BIn muddy grass we stand side by side
C Awith our knuckles interlocked
E B C A E BBlack dresses flood the c emetery
C Ain this cliche tragedy
A AJust do as you're instructed and....
C D ATake this razor and cut your palms
E B CI'll do the same until a river of crimson begins to flow
D ANow drip your ruby red over the casket
E B AA funeral for my once loved youth
E B CMy secret is fatally gorgeous
A AI'd die for you
E B CBut in this Bonnie and Clyde kind of romance
A Atell me what would you do?
E B CMy secret is fatally gorgeous
A AI'd die for you
E B CBut when your precious life is at stake
A B Ctell me would you die for me too?
E B CThe quivering liquids in your stomach
Awill eat away at the bad habits that have made you
E B Ca real character in the story of your now distant life
A2 A2Goodnight and goodbye, quickly
The rest of the song is pretty much just these things repeated (the verse, pre-chorus, chorus). Listen to the song and I’m sure you can figure it out. You can also watch my cover on Youtube to see how I play it (www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOshpjZ6H7Q). Good luck!
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