Spill Canvas - 3685 tab

The Spill Canvas
Sunsets and Car Crashes
Standard tuning, capo 1
Nataku/JJ Murphy

* [[[CAPO 1ST FRET]]] -
* [[[CAPO 1ST FRET]]] -
* [[[CAPO 1ST FRET]]] -

The chord names aren't correct, but i put them there as a labeling device - I have no
how Nick plays this, ive seen it played live before but i dont remember there being a capo
not, I just play it like this and it sounds pretty good - the keyboard part is 100% spot 
as well as the riff before the chorus. There is a second guitar in the background
random mutes and whatnot, so try and incorporate that into your sound. When i play, i 
each chord twice during the verse, and the G? F? chords 3 or 4 times during the chorus.

keyboard/guitar intro riff

Riff before chorus
chords used!! D A5 C G? F?|--------------||-5------------||-5-2--5-------||-5-2--5-5--7--||-7-0--3-5--7--||--------3--5--|
Verse D A5 C My empty promises led to our demise. D A5 C I could never tell you how i really feel D A5 C and for that i eternally apologize ... Chorus G? F? D I would like to thank you A C for showing me D A5 C G? -- F? a part of myself i have never seen D A5 C G? F? yeah we were young and dumb but it still was fun
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