Spill Canvas - Polygraph Right Now Acoustic tab

Artist: The Spill Canvas
Song: Polygraph, Right Now! Acoustic
You can find the video for this on youtube.
Tuning: Half step down...its noted on the tab.

Im pretty sure this is close to 100% right. The only thing im not sure about its the 
he plays, but they sound
alright to me. (that part is also noted in the tab.)
YOu'll have to forgive my horrible tabbing. I know I cant do it like the pro's do it. 
the song is pretty much right.

when nick says "my jewel encrusted..." play:eb-----|-------------|Bb-----|-------------|Gb-----|-instead of--|Db-222x|44x444x------|Ab-222x|44x444x------|Eb-000x|22x222x------|
Nick plays this bridge between the choruses and the verses.Im not completely sure if this is right but its sounds ok to me.eb-----------------------------|Bb-----------------------------|Gb---------666-66-666/-444-44--|Db-444-44--444-44-444/-222-22--|Ab-444-44--555-55-555/-333-33--|Eb-222-22----------------------|
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