Spill Canvas - Teleport A And B tab

Teleport A&B
The Spill Canvas
One Fell Swoop
Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb
(Half step down)
Nataku (JJ Murphy)

I'm Tabbing "Himerus + Eros" next.

intro + verse|-----------------||-3-2-------------||-2-2-4-5---------||-2-2-4-5--(x2)-5-||-----2-3-------5-||---------------3-| *extremely light strumming
Chorus G C A|-------||-------||---5---||-5-5-7-||-5-3-7-||-3---5-| *strumming not shown, fill in the A/G chords with the C's, but here is the chord placement:
G C A hypothetically if you were point A ((Guitar fill)) G C A and theoretically if I was point B ((guitar fill)) G C A we would be we would be frantically melted into one massive point that could overcome anything. guitar fill:
|--------| |--------| |--------| |-5-55-4-| |-7-77-5-| |--------|
post chorus (~1:10)
(my faith in you could move the mountains...) RETURN TO [INTRO/VERSE] THEN CHORUS end with
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