Spinners – Ill Be Around tab

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                            "I'll Be Around"
                             (Bell - Hurtt)

Intro [2X]:

	octave guitar:

v v ------7s11-| -7s9-------| -----------| ------9s13-| -9s11------| -----------|
clavinet/vibes arr. for guitar (basic riff of song):
Emaj7 G#m D#m/F# G#m Emaj7 v v v v v v v v v v -----------|-------------4-----2--|--------------4-------| --------4--|-------------4-----4--|--------------4----4--| --------4--|:------------4-----3--|--------------4----4-:| --------6--|:------------6-----4--|--------------6----6-:| --------7--|----------------------|-------------------7--| -----------|----------------------|----------------------|
Verse 1: Emaj7 G#m D#m/F# G#m Emaj7 [etc.] This is our fork in the road Love's last episode There's nowhere to go, oh no You made your choice Now it's up to me To bow out gracefully Though you hold the key but baby Chorus: Whenever you call me I'll be there Whenever you want me I'll be there D#m/F# [hold] Whenever you need me I'll be there Emaj7 I'll be around Verse 2: I knew just what to say Now I found out today All the words had slipped away but I know There's always a chance A tiny spark will remain And sparks turn into flames And love can burn once again [repeat chorus] Instrumental break: repeat basic riff 4X [repeat chorus to fade] -- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers
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