Spiritualized – Come Together chords

Note: As is the case with a lot of Spiritualized songs, this is a pretty basic idea that
expanded by a plethora of instruments and chorus. Parts are passed between one another
things are doubled and it is a big hassle to try to discern what is what, so here are is 
most barebone version I can come up with...it is up to you to arrange the saxophone
choir for your band.

3/4 time

|: A5 | A5 | A5 | A5 A#5 B5 |
| C5 | C5 | C5 B5 A#5 :|Repeat this through the song, pausing when appropriate.
The harmonies and logic seem to imply that in the moving section the A# and B would bechords, so keep that in mind.
Little Johnny's sad and fucked First he jumped and then he looked The tracks of time, these tracks of mine Little Johnny's occupied Come on, come together Come on, come together riff following the chorus:
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