Splender - I Think God Can Explain tab version 2

Song: I Think God Can Explain
Artist: Splender
Tabbed by: ~StayClose~

Guitar Tuning: Standard


D Asus E F#me|-2-|-0-|-0-|-2-|B|-3-|-2-|-0-|-2-|G|-2-|-2-|-1-|-2-|D|-0-|-2-|-2-|-4-|A|-/-|-0-|-2-|-4-|E|-/-|-/-|-0-|-2-|
Intro (Rhythm): D - E - A - F#m (repeat twice) Intro (Lead) let it ring:
D - E A - F#m D - E A - F#me|-------|-----------|-------|------------------|B|-5---5-|-5---5h7h5-|-5---5-|-5---5h7h5-2h3h2--|G|--2----|--2--------|--2----|--2---------------|D|-------|-----------|-------|------------------|A|-------|-----------|-------|------------------|E|-------|-----------|-------|------------------|
Intro (Lead) [Distortion]
0:09 - 0:10 D - E A - F#m D - E A - F#me|-------|-----------|-------5-4---4-5-|------------------|B|-------|-----------|-----------5~----|------------------|G|-------|-----------|-----------------|------------------|D|-------|-----------|-----------------|------------------|A|-------|-----------|-----------------|------------------|E|-------|-----------|-----------------|------------------|
1st Stanza (Theres a lot of things I understand) //you can include an A7 at the end//
D E F#m e|-2-|-0-|-2-| ~B|-3-|-0-|-2-| ~G|-2-|-1-|-2-| ~D|-0-|-2-|-4-| ~A|---|-2-|-4-| ~E|---|-0-|-2-| ~
(Theres a lot of things, that...)
D E e|-2-|-0-|B|-3-|-0-|G|-2-|-1-|D|-0-|-2-|A|---|-2-|E|---|-0-|
I don't want to know
A Asus F#me|----0----|----0----|----2----|B|----2----|----2----|----2----|G|----2----|----1----|----2----|D|----2----|----2----|----4----|A|----0----|----0----|----4----|E|---------|---------|----2----|
do the same thing for the next lines. ------------- Chorus: ------------- Rhythm (acoustic): D - E - A - F#m Enter the chorus using a clean guitar playing 1 strum of a D chord. let this clean guitar be the lead. while the Rhythm stays acoustic. D E A Its alright, Im okay F#m I think God can explain D E A I believe Im the same F#m I get carried away D E A Its alright Im okay F#m I think God can explain D E A Im relieved, Im relaxed, F#m Ill get over it yet, ------------ Intro - D - E - A - F#m (Repeat twice) ------------ ------------ stanza - ------------ minor guitar(lead) effects:
The scent of vaseline,e|--------------------------|B|-7------------------------|G|--------------------------|D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
In the summertime,e|----------5---------------|B|--------------------------|G|--------------------------|D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
The feel of an ice cube,e|--------------------------|B|-7------------------------|G|--------------------------|D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------| Melting over time,
repeat the same thing for the next lines. ------------ Bridge ------------ D E F#m -A Im so much better than you guessed, D E F#m -A Im so much bigger than you guessed, D E F#m -A Im so much brighter than you guessed.
e|---------0-|B|---------0-|G|-7-6-4---1-| Slowly fade from palm mute.D|-7-7-4-7-2-| If you play this part at the end remove the palm mute.A|-5-4-2-7-0-| E|-------5-0-|
-------------- repeat chorus -------------- --END--
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