Splinter – All About Me tab

This is Splinter's first songle they've released. It's pretty simple but sounds great. 

Normal tuning.
Capo 1st fret.

Intro: (Mosh- lead, plays this with heavy distortion on. Let all strings ring out.

e------------------------B------------------------G---0-----0-----0-------- REPEAT X4D--2-2---2-2---0-0----0--A-0-----3-----2------0-0-E-------------------2----
0:36 Inrto: (Rhythm guitar kicks in here playing with distortion) Asus2----Am-C-G-(Upstroke on open strings)-F---- X4 Verse: (Will starts singing) Play about the first 2 or 3 strings and palm mute it. Am----G----C----F---- After 1st line play the rest by playing the whole chord out on the 1st strum of every chord. Chorus: (Rhythm guitar plays the chord intro while the lead plays the other intro) Bridge: (Played by only the lead guitar)
e---------------------------------B---------------------------------G-2-2-2~5-2-2-2~4-2-2-2~5-2-2-2~4- : x4D-2-2-2~5-2-2-2~4-2-2-2~5-2-2-2~4-A---------------------------------E---------------------------------
Format: Intro & Intro Verse Interlude (Just both the intros again) Chorus Verse Interlude Bridge Interlude Chorus Chorus Chorus Intro & Intro All music Copyright© of Splinter and Lockport Management. All rights reserved.
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