Spocks Beard - Ghosts Of Autumn chords

I tabbed this out myself, when I noticed no one online had (and there were requests for it).

This lines up with the recording, and sounds great on acoustic guitar.  However, the 
original song is primarily in piano... so, I may be missing some embellishments, here and 
there.  Either way, this version will work.

Such a beautiful song.

-Cory "CorMac1981"


Key of D (Minor)




DmListen to the whispers of the rain
F CVoices in the mist beyond your window
Dm(riff)And you remember...
FGreen to grey
CAs forever slipped away
Am DmAnd down through the years
FThe seasons changed
CStill a cold wind blows today
Am DmNo sun to melt the frost
Am Dm Dm(riff)Because she's lost among the ghosts of autumn...
_________________________ Didn't post the whole song, just enough to give the gist. The chord progression remains the same throughout.
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