Spoken – David tab

Artist: Spoken
Title: David
Album: Echoes of the Spirit Still Dwell
Transcribed by: Luke Starr
Email: exitupwards@hotmail.com

drop “d” tuning

( )= palm mute

main progressione ------------------b ------------------g ------------------d ---6666-6/7-------a ---6666-6/7-------d ---6666-6/7-------
choruse -----------------------------------------b -----------------------------------------g -----------------------------------------d ---(6-6-6)----6----(6-6-6)----6--7-------a ---(6-6-6)---------(6-6-6)---------------d ---(6-6-6)---------(6-6-6)---------------
There is a riff that I can’t figure out that starts at 2:46 and goes to like 3:35 in the song. But other than that, the above 2 riffs are just repeated and make up petty much the whole song. Feel free to email me corrections...
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