Sponge Cola – Silent Night tab

Ear tabber: Paul William Dionisio
School: University of Regina Carmeli  BSN 4

One of the best christmas song ever made!!! medyo nag transpose p q ng chords
para makuha ung exact tone ng sa spongecola...Hope u like it guys...pls rate it
according to the quality of this tab. 

Intro: D-
Silent night, Holy Night
   A7            D
All is calm, all is bright
   G               D
Round yon virgin mother and child
   G             D
Holy infant so tender and mild
   A7              Bm
Sleep in heavenly peace
   D     A7       D
Sleep in heavenly peace

Silent night, Holy night
   A7           D
Shepherds quake at a sight!
    G               D
Glories stream from heaven afar
    G                D
Heavenly hosts sings alleluia
    A7               Bm
Christ the savior is born
    D        A7      D
Christ the savior is born

Adlib: D-A7
Tpos move 2 frets higher sa last stanza (so ung D mgging E)

Silent night, Holy night
 B7            E
Son of God , loves pure light
 A                 E
Radiant beams from thy holy face
 A                   E
With the dawn of the redeeming grace
 B7                 C#m
Jesus Lord , at thy birth
 E     B7         E
Jesus Lord at thy birth

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