Sponge Cola - Closer You And I tab version 3

Intro:  C  Em7  Am  F  G 


C                   Em7             Am
Hey, there's a look in your eyes 
              F      G           
Must be love at first sight 
C                    Em7        Am
You were just part of a dream
              F                         G
Nothing more so it seemed 
            Dm                              Em
But my love couldn't wait much longer 
                Am                                  D7
Just can't forget the picture of your smile
                            F           Dm 
'Coz every time I close my eyes
You come alive 


                   E                     Am 
The closer I get to touching you
                   D7              G7 
The closer I get to loving you 
Give it a time
Just a little more time
                 Dm    G7 
We'll be together 
Every little smile
That special smile
The twinkle in your eye 
In a little while
Give it a time 
Just a little more time
                       Dm    G7 
So we can get closer
             C  Em7  Am  F  G
You and I 


Then could I love you more 
So much stronger than before 
Why does it seem like a dream 
So much more so it seems 
I guess I found my inspiration 
With just one smile, you take my breath away 
So hold me close


para 2 kay Jaizelle Aquino... tugtugin mo na poh... haha! this s 4 u! haha! hope u like it! haha
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