Sponge Cola - Crazy For You chords

INTRO (2x): G-D-Em-C

G D Em C Swaying room as the music starts strangers making the most of the dark
G D Em C Two by two their bodies become one
G D Em C I see you through the smokey air can't you feel the weight of my stare
G D Em C You're so close but still a world away, what I'm dying to say is that
G D Em I'm crazy for you, touch me once and you'll know it's true
C G I never wanted anyone like this
D Em It's all brand new, you feel it in my kiss
C G D Em C I'm crazy for you, crazy for you
G D Em C Trying hard to control my heart I walk over to where you are
G D Em C Two by two we need no words at all
G D Em C Slowly now as we begin to move with every breath I'm deeper into you
G D Em C Soon we two are standing still in time but if you read my mind, you'll see
(repeat chorus two times) CODA (2x)
G D Em It's all brand new, I'm crazy for you
C And you know it's true, I'm crazy for you
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