Sponge Cola – Regal chords

First tabulation. This is 100% sure. This is how Yael plays this song.

Regal - Spongecola 
Intro:G - C9 - Em - Dsus2 2xTabbed by - Ovan
GYou are perfect as you are
C9Your eyes are the brightest
EmAs you dance in the slowest
Dsus2That motion can become.
GTo be near you I resign
C9And underneath the radiant smiles
EmOf perkiness that leaves me
Dsus2Defenseless as I stare
Am CI might need a little more courage
AmI'm just waiting
C Am(Break)For the universe to show me
GHow to steal you from the sky
C9You will be the most regal
EmAnd towering in this room
Dsus2I'm still be the luckiest guy
GHere with you.
And you could come
C9Through a room
EmWith your delicate grace
Dsus2Take the scented guy
GThis embrace.
C9-Em-Dsus2 II.
GYou are luminescent always
C9Your heels are the highest
EmAs you brighten the slightest
Dsus2Like a spectacle of light.
(Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Oh... Bridge:
EmThere's a fine line
GBetween pauses and delays
EmIn everything we say
C9I'll take it everyday, I know I can.
EmAnd if the night sky
GShould light the night I see
EmI'll make my way beyond the dark
Dsus2I'll be fine.
(Repeat Chorus 2x)
GAnd if in case
C9The most abstract
EmOf color fades away
Dsus2I'm still be thankful for you each day.
G-C9-Em-Dsus2 Oh, oh.
Dsus2I'm still be thankful for you each day.
Oh, oh.
G(Break)I'll be fine.
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