Sponge Cola – Do You Know The Feeling tab

Do You Know the Feeling
Sponge Cola

Guys, first time ko lang mag tab dito.. so i guess mejo sablay pa.. pero im sure of 
more power to OPM!

add nyo pala ako sa frirendster!

Powerchords po ginamit dito..

Verse 1
D - A - F - G
(Paulit ulit lang just listen to the pattern progression)

G                   A
Do You know the feeling? (4x)

Em        F
I want to hold your hand
G          A
and try to dance but i cant
Em         F
I want this, just one kiss
G              A
The years fall away..

G                  A
Do You Know the Feeling? (3x)
G           A
Do you know that...

(mga pare mejo nakakatamad mag type ng lyrics pero eto ung chord pattern.)

Em - F - G - AEm - F - G - AEm - F - G - AB - C - G - A
(solo part) G - A (parang dun sa 'do you know the feeling?') tapos eto ulit..
Em - F - G - AEm - F - G - AEm - F - G - AEm - F - G - AEm - F - G - AB - C - G - A
Tapos verse pattern ulit. D - A - F - G un lang.. Dali lang to, pakinggan nyo lang pattern.. Un lang! keep rockin!
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