Spooky Tooth – Waitin For The Wind tab

                       Waiting For The Wind - Spooky Tooth
Tabbed by: Me.

By: Grosvenor/Harrison/Wright

Album: Spooky Two

Awesomeness: GREAT!
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 here's what AMG has to say about them)

Intro: Drums

then: E A D

E                   A D
Lonely is the night
             E                 A D
Now that darkness has fallin'
E                   A D
Nothing seems right
          E                A D
And the world is callin'

G                        C D
Everybody's looking back
              G                 C D
As the wind comes whispering by
G                                  C D
The're waitin' for the answers then
                      G         C D
Like the time they heard a cry

For the refrain play this: F E|-------------||-------------||-------------||-3-2---------||---------3-5-||-----3-5-----|
F E G A C D Hang on F E G A C D Don't go F E G A C D Life's here F E G A C D I know E A D Verse 2 Ref - fade ----------------------- Comments & Corrections are welcome!
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