Spoon - Upwards At 45 Degrees chords

Ok this is my First tab ever and i'm only 16 so bare with me here.
Tip- Strum up and down whilst playing this not continuously down.
po=Pull Off

Riff 1 Em CE---0-------------0------------------------|B---0-------------1------------------------|G---0-------------0------------------------|D---2-------------2-X6---------------------|A---2--4po0 2po0--3------------------------|E---0-------------0------------------------|
Riff 2
Chorus is just riff 1 with riff 2 in the middle but there a a few chords to end it that just like this.
Chorus end bit G Am EmE---3-------0--------0--------------|B---3-------1--------0--------------|G---0-------2--------0--------------|D---0-------2--------2--------------|A---2-------0--------2--------------|E---3-------0--------0--------------|
And thats it just listen to the song to figure out structure and timing since i am no good at all with that stuff. Thanks. Knucklehead
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