Spoon – I Summon You tab

This is a pretty easy song to play and fun too- hope you enjoy it!
Chords Used (Stings 1-6):
C: 010230
Emin: 000220
Amin: 012200
Amin with G: 0122x4
F: xx2x31
Dmin: 1320xx
Cmaj7: 000230
G: 330003

/C/Emin/Amin/Amin with G/
(The strumming is just a fast up down up down etc)

at .08 Verse
(The Strumming on the verses are up down up, cutting it short on the last up- listen to 
song to see what I mean and it's pretty easy to follow the strumming)

In between
/C/Emin/Amin/Amin with G
(the rhythm is a little faster at this part)

at .38 Verse

at 1:01

at 1:08
/Amin/Amin with G/F/F/Dmin/Dmin/Amin/Amin/F/G

(He keeps strumming the Cmaj7 cord until about 1:54 which he goes back to the very first 
and repeats from there- with few variations that are very easy to figure out)
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