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From: (Ben Golding)

{t: Who Listens to the Radio?}
{st: The Sports (Cummings/Pendlebury)}

{sot}---------7-5--7-7-5- ---------7-5--7-7-5-|---------7-5--7-7-5- ---------7-5--7-7-5-|---------8-6--8-8-6- ---------8-6--8-8-6-|---------9-7--9-9-7- ---------9-7--9-9-7-|-----5-------------- -----5--------------|-5-7---0------------ -5-7---0------------|{eot}This [A]girl in her [D]bedroom doing [E]her home[D]workShe's [A]foolin' with it [D]like a r[E]hythm, she's going [D]beserkOne [A]hand has a [D]cigarette res[E]ting on the [D]windowThe [A]other one's [D]twiddling [E]with the [D]radio
What did they talk about, the horses drive her nuts Night time, sounds fine -- no if's or but's. It's just some magic, there's still some fun if you don't pay too much attention {soc} [A]Who [D]listens to the [E]ra[D]dio? [A]Who [D]listens to the [E]ra[D]dio? [A]That's [F#m]what I'd [E]like to [A]know. [D]Who [F#m]listens to [E]the [A]radio? {eoc} {c: intro riff} Guy's got his transistor wrapped around his ear He listens to the traffic, it's not really clear. It crackles, it clicks, it pops, it starts, It's blastin' out the top forty charts. AM or FM, I listen to both of them Listening to the radio since I don't know when It was so busy, everyone's got somewhere to go In the background there's always the radio {c: chorus} {c: verse 1} {c: break} {c: chorus} {sot} ~From: Ben Golding {eot}
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