Spring Awakening – All Thats Known chords


Am CAll that's known
Am GIn History, in Science
Am COverthrown
Am G At school, at home, by blind men
C FYou doubt them
CAnd soon they bark and hound you-
DTill everything you say is just another bad about you
Am CAll they say
Am G Is "Trust in What is Written"
Am CWars are made
Am G And somehow that is wisdom
C FThought is suspect
C And money is their idol
DAnd nothing is okay unless it's scripted in their Bible.
CBut I know
GThere's so much more to find-
DJust in looking through myself
EAnd not at them
CStill, I know
GTo trust my own true mind
DAnd to say: there's a way through this
Bm DOn I go
Bm ATo wonder and to learning
Bm D Bm A Name the stars and know their dark returning
D GI'm calling
DTo know the world's true yearning-
DThe hunger that a child feels for everything they're shown
DYou watch me-
AJust watch me-
F#mI'm calling
EAnd one day all will know
DYou watch me-
AJust watch me-
F#m DI'm calling, I'm calling.
BmAnd one day all will know
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