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Springsteen Bruce – Brilliant Disguise tab

	      BRILLIANT DISGUISE - Bruce Springsteen
Tabbed by: Ben Aitken

Tuning: G1 acoustic: Standard, capo on II
        *All notes for G1 in relation to capo, chords sound one pitch higher than written
        G2 electic: Standard 

G         |3 x 0 0 0 3|
Gadd2     |3 x 0 2 0 3|
Gadd2sus  |3 x 0 2 1 3|
D5        |x 0 0 2 3 x| (Keyboard plays a Esus-E-Esus2-E progression during verse and bridge)
Em        |0 2 2 0 0 0|
C         |x 3 2 0 1 3|
Cmaj7     |x 3 2 0 0 3|

|G  Gadd2  |Gadd2sus  G  |G  Gadd2  |Gadd2sus  G         |   
                                               I hold you
|G    Gadd2  |Gadd2sus   G       |G    Gadd2 |Gadd2sus    G               |   
In my arms                as the band plays                 What are those
|G    Gadd2         |Gadd2sus  G             |
Words whispered baby              Just as you
|D5       |         |
Turn away          I

Saw you last night out on the
Edge of town, I wanna 
Read your mind to know just what I've
Got in this new thing I've found, so tell me

|Em G |C G |What I see When I|--------------|---------------||--------------|---------------||--------------|---------------||--------------|---------------||------0--0--2-|-5----0--------||-2------------|---------------|
|Em G |C G |Look in your eyes Is that|---------------------|-------------||---------------------|-------------||---------------------|-------------||---------------------|-------------||-------------0--0--2-|-5----0------||-2-------------------|-------------|
|Em G |D5 Em |You baby or just a|-------|-----------------||-------|-----------------||-------|-----------------||-------|-----------------||----0--|-----------------||-2-----|-0---2-----------|
|C |G |D5 |Brilliant disguise|-2---------|----------|--------------||-3---------|-2---3----|--------------||-2---------|-2------2-|--------1-----||-0---------|-2--------|--------2-----||-----------|-0--------|-----2-----2--||-----------|----------|-0------------|
|G Gadd2 |Gadd2sus G |G Gadd2 |Gadd2sus G | I heard somebody|G Gadd2|Gadd2sus G |Call your name from under-|--------------|------------------------||-2--------0---|-3--------2-------------||-2--------2---|-2--------2-------------||--------------|------------------------||--------------|------------------------||--------------|------------------------| . . . .
Neath our willow, I saw somethingTucked in shame under-|D5 | |Neath your pillow, well I've|----------------|------------------||-0---------0----|------0-----------||-2---------1----|--4---1-----------||----------------|--4---------------||----------------|------------------||----------------|------------------| . . . .
Tried so hard baby, but I Just can't see what a Woman like you is Doing with me, so tell me who I see when I Look in your eyes, is that You baby or just a Brilliant disguise |G Gadd2 |Gadd2sus G | Now |D5 | | Look at me baby struggling to do |G Gadd2 |G Gadd2 | Everything right and then it |C |Cmaj7 C | All falls apart when |G Gadd2 | G | Out go the lights I'm just a |D5 | | Lonely pilgrim I walk this |C | | World in wealth I want to know if it's |D5 | | You I don't trust, 'cause I damn sure don't |G Gadd2 |Gadd2sus G |G Gadd2 |Gadd2sus G | Trust myself now you play the Loving woman, I'll play the Faithful man but just don't Look too close into the Palm of my hand. We Stood at the alter, the gypsy swore our Future was bright but Come the wee wee hours, well maybe baby the Gypsy lied, so when you Look at me, you better Look hard and look twice, is that Me baby or just a Brilliant disguise |G Gadd2 |Gadd2sus G |G Gadd2 |Gadd2sus G | Tonight our Bed is cold, I'm lost in the Darkness of our love, God have Mercy on the man who |D5 | Doubts what he's sure |G Gadd2 |Gadd2sus G |G Gadd2 |Gadd2sus G | Of Repeat until fade | . palm mute ===============================================================================
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