Springsteen Bruce - Jersey Girl tab

I believe that this is as close as you can get to the original tabs as possible, unless
got them directly from Bruce Springsteen  Right now, i havnt quite finished, but i
that having something on the internet as far as tabs to this song is better than 
which is really the reason i tabbed this.  Anyway, it's not all that hard of a song, and keep
mind that i only tabbed one guitar, so if you want the rest, try to figure it out on 
own, or email me at dolladudes@yahoo.com.  I really dont check that account very often, but 
promise, i will eventually get to you if you really need me to tab out the rest for you.


do this two times, then start in on the vocals. After the first two, do it four more playing it six times in all before adding in distortion. Once you've added in the play it three more times, then: Chorus intro:
Chorus: play 2x
Piano Synth Duration: Play 10x
End of Piano Synth: Play 1x, let the last one ring for a second or so.
Adjusted Bridge:
This is all i've tabbed so far, but it's not that hard to figure out from there. Once if you do need help, email me at dolladudes@yahoo.com. Order: Intro: 9x Chorus intro: 1x Chorus: 2x Bridge: 1x Intro: 7x Chorus Intro: 1x Chorus: 2x Bridge: 1x Chorus: 2x Adjusted Bridge: 1x Bridge: 1x Piano Synth Duration: 10x End of Piano Synth: 1x ... You can probably figure out the rest from here. If not, my email is posted above, so i you enjoy playing this song as much as i do, and please rate my tab if you have time. thanx, and enjoy.
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