Springsteen Bruce – Mans Job tab ver. 2

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Subject: CRD/TAB: Man's Job (Springsteen)

Bruce Springsteen

Man's Job  (from the album "Human Touch")

INTRO: (Riff below is played twice)

(Form an F chord to play to notes in the intro)E---------------------1--------------|---------------------1------------------|B-------------------1---1------------|-------------------1---1----------------|G----2---2---2----2-------2----------|----2---2---0----0-------0--------------|D--3---3---3-------------------------|--3---3---3-----------------------------|A------------------------------------|----------------------------------------|E------------------------------------|----------------------------------------| (^^^^^^^^^^^ This the main part, the second half of each measure in this song consists of the jangly high notes of the chords, which are not as distinct (and therefore probably not exact :) ))
Well you can go out with him F Bb F Play with all of his toys C F But takin' care of you darlin' Bb F Ain't for one of the boys C F Oh there's somethin' in your soul Dm F That he's gonna rob Dm Bb And lovin' you baby lovin' you darlin' C B C B Lovin' you woman is a man's man's job C F Lovin' you's a man's job baby Bb F Lovin' you's a man's job C F Lovin' you's a man's job baby Bb F Lovin' you's a man's job C F Well now his kisses may thrill Those other girls that he likes But when it comes to treatin' A real woman right Well of all of his tricks No they won't be enough 'Cause lovin' you baby lovin' you woman Lovin' you darlin' is a man's man's job Lovin' you's a man's job baby Lovin' you's a man's job Lovin' you's a man's job baby Lovin' you's a man's job You're dancin' with him he's holding you tight Bb I'm standing here waitin' to catch your eye Dm Am Your hand's on his neck as the music sways Bb All my illusions slip away Dm Am
GUITAR SOLOS: (My BEST guesses) (Form an F chord for this part:) Slide Guitar part:E---------------------------------------------5/8--13/8--5/8--13/20-----------|B-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|G----2---3---2--3-2-0------2---3---2--3-2-0-----------------------------------|D--3---3---3-------------3---3---3--------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(Form a C chord for this part:)E-1-------------1------------|-1-------------1-------|-1------------1-------|B-1-----------1---1---1------|-1-----------1---1---1-|-1----------1---1---1-|G-0---------0-------0--------|-0---------0-------0---|-0--------0-------0---|D---3-2----------------------|----3-2----------------|---3-2----------------|A-------3--------------------|--------3--------------|-------3--------------|E----------------------------|-----------------------|----------------------|
REPEAT RIFF FROM INTRO TWICE Now if you're lookin' for a hero Someone to save the day Well darlin' my feet They're made of clay But I've got something in my soul And I wanna give it up But gettin' up the nerve Gettin' up the nerve Gettin' up the nerve is a man's man's job Lovin' you's a man's job baby Lovin' you's a man's job Lovin' you's a man's job woman Lovin' you's a man's job CHORD FORMATIONS: F x x 3 2 1 1 C x 3 2 0 1 0 Dm x x x 2 3 1 Bb x x 3 3 3 1 Am x x 2 2 1 0
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