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Springsteen Bruce – Secret Garden tab

Hey i’m Tom, this my first tab upload so I hope you like it

Btw you can play the C/G as a G so wateva suits you, but i rekon it sounds heaps better

And for some reason the Chord names arent over the right words but you should be able to 
up the rythm

Secret Garden
by Bruce Springsteen


C C/G Am C/G

C                                       C/G
She'll let you in her house, if you come knockin' late at night,

Am                                  C/G
She'll let you in her mouth, if the words you say are right,

C                                    C/G
If you pay the price, she'll let you deep inside,

          Am Asus2 C\G G    C
There's a secret garden she hides,

C                          C/G
She'll let you in her car, to do your drivin' around,

Am                                   C/G
She'll let you into parts of herself, that'll bring you down,

C                                   C/G
She'll let you in her heart, if you got a hammer and a vice,

             Am Asus2   C\G G           C
But into her secret garden, don't think twice,

Am           Fmaj7          C             G
You've gone a million miles, how far'd you get,

Am                     Fmaj7           C             G
To that place where you can't remember, and you can't forget,

C                                     C/G
She'll lead you down a path, there'll be tenderness in the air,

Am                                  C/G
She'll let you come just far enough, so you know she's really there,

C                             C/G
She'll look at you and smile, and her eyes will say,

Am                        C/G
She's got a secret garden, where everything you want,

Where everything you need,

C/G                 Am Asus2    C\G    
will always stay, a million   miles  away.

C C/G Am C/G C C/G Am 
C C/G Am C/G G C

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