Spunge - All Gone Wrong tab

Spunge]-All Gone Wrong
Tabbed by Merlin Blencowe

This actually plays throughout the verses with only the bassas acompanyment, but if you want rhythm for it you'll be needing these:-------------------------------------------------------------5--------7--------9-----------------------------------------6--------7--------9-----------------------------------------7--------7--------9-----------------------------------------7--------5--------7-----------------------------------------5---------------------------------------------------------- A D E
These fit round the lyrics as: A D Let me tell ya a story about a girl named Sheila A D Lovely little thing but a bit of a dreamer A D She's been married, three long years A E Got three children and they're all litle dears but... And for the chorus: A D Uhoh, it's all gone wrong and A D Uhoh, it's all gone wrong amd A D Uhoh, it's all gone wrong E It's all gone wrong!
When the rhythm really does kick in it's exactly the samechords in the following manner:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6--6----7--7-----6--6--------9--9------------------------7--7----7--7-----7--7--------9--9------------------------7--7----5--5-----7--7--------7--7------------------------5--5-------------5--5-----------------------------------
And that's about it really. Now you've just got to figure out a bass line...
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