Spunge - Live Another Day tab

[Spunge]-Live Another Day
Tabbed by Merlin Blencowe

This is one of most simple spunge songs I reckon.
Here goes...

'Do the words give up mean anything to you? Not a thing.'-------------------------------------------7--7-------------------------------------7--7----6--6----4--4---------------------7--7----7--7----5--5---------------------5--5----7--7----5--5-----------------------------5--5----3--3------------------- D A G
These D A G chords are used throughout with varyingstrum patterns which you can work out yourself.Jarvis must get quite bored playing the bass to this when it's just:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5--------------------------------------------------5-5-5-5--3-3-3-3------
The only bit where the chords and bass change for; 'I know it'snot what you wanna hear but if you'd just stay off the beer then,you would, live to see another day'--------------------------------------------7------9------12------11----9------7-------7------9------12------11----9------7-------7------9------12------11----9------7-------5------7------10------9-----7------5-------------------------------------------------D E G F# E D
Nice easy solo, played over 4 times, use the same 3 chord shapes as before.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7--------7---------6-----4---------------------7---7---7----7-----7---7-----5----5--etc------5--------5----------7--------------5------------------------------------------------------------
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