Squeeze – Tempted tab ver. 2

From: jstaton@math.lsa.umich.edu (Joseph L Staton)

Tempted-  Difford and Tilbrook

I bought a toothbrush, some tooth paste,
A flannel for my face,
Pajamas, a hairbrush, new shoes and a case.
I said to my reflection, "Let's get out of this place."
Past the church and the steeple; the lorrie on the hill.
he billboards and the buildings, the mem'ries of it still
Keeps falling and calling, but forget it all--
I know I will...

Tempted by the fruit of another.
Tempted but the truth is discovered
What's been going on
Now that you have gone
There's no other.

I'm at the car park, the airport, the baggage carosel.
The people keep on flying, I'm wishing I was well.
I said, "It's no occassion."
It's no story I can tell.
At my bedside empty pocket.
A foot without a sock.
Your body get much closer; 
I fumble for the clock.
Alarmed by
the seduction...
I wish 
That it would stop...


I bought a novel, some perfume, a fortune over you.
But it's not my conscience
That hates to be untrue.
I said to my reflection, "Tell me what am I to do?"


(followed by cool Motown-like fade out vocalese jam)

This song was song by Paul Carrack; the only American in Squeeze.
For thirty extra points in our bonus round--
What One-hit-wonder band did Carrack sing with before he joined Squeeze?
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