Squirrel Nut Zippers - The Suits Are Picking Up The Bill chords

The suits are picking up the bill (SNZ)

Intro: whole sequence

Eb Bb7 Eb Bb7 In a line_ at the café I overheard the waitress say
F7 Bb7 Eb Bb7'These cats is broke, I knows 'em Throw 'em out the doors and close 'em.Get ‘em outta here!’
Eb Bb7 Eb Bb7 Spirits sagging, funds are low This occupation's got to go
F7 Bb7 EbUp pulls a limo, up goes a thrill The suits are picking up the bill
Ab Abm It's al-right for them to tag along____
Eb C7 It's just one bill they’re tacking on___
Ab Abm6 I __‘ll find some way to get a - long
Eb C7The business suits to the res – cue
F7 Bb7So nice doing business with you You will__
Eb Bb7 Eb Bb7 real - ly ape and clown When you realize the dough they’re shelling out
F7 Bb7 Ebfor the deal' The suits are picking up, the suits are picking up the bill!
Ab Abm6 I cannot say from where I'm stan - ding
Eb C7 My friends have passed out on the lan - ding
Ab Abm6 Guess one too many has left us high and dry____
Eb C7 F7 Bb7 I’ll be feeling down, ‘till the suits are back in town
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