Sr-71 – Politically Correct Acoustic tab

                       Politically Correct
By: Andrew 10
Tuning: Eb Tuning

G            D                Em       C
    I don't mean to piss you off with things I might say
G               D              Em         C 
    But when I try to shut my mouth they come out anyway.
G           D              Em             C       
    When I speak my mind, that's when we connect.
Ya but that's not politically correct.

G D Em C Your head's so filled with thought, you can't use your imagination. G D Em C Like a sky so filled with stars, you can't find the constellations. G D Em C With everyone so sensitive to any bad vibration! G D Em C Just keep impressing, and we'll keep regressing. Chorus is same as Intro Verse 2 G D Em C There's nothing I believe in more than my own insignificance. G D Em C So why does everybody think that my words can make a difference. G D Em C I just don't have to think of the social consequence. G D Em C Just keep on talking and we'll keep applauding. Chorus same as Intro, but add this on after it G D Em C And if you spoke your mind, you might feel more connected. C D Em C Until you stand politically corrected. Go! G D Em C D Em C D C (they are power chords in the electric one, but these are better for acoustic) Bridge (arpegiated) G D You lean a little to the left or the right but, Em C you can only see who's on yout side (your side), G D you look a little like a deer in the headlights, Em C a little blind and hypnotized. G (strum) D But you conform with the best of intentions, Em C change cums from inside. G D Afterall that's what this country was founded on, Em C do nothing different just fall in love. G D Em C Tell me, what happened to make us so afraid? G D Em C D You couldn't make a Mel Brooks movie today! No! C I saw Blazing saddles yesterday. Chorus Outro: G D Em C D Em C D C
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