Sr-71 - In My Mind Acoustic tab

In My Mind
by Andrew
Eb Tuning

I saw SR-71 last June at the Recher right after Jeff their bassist died. Mitch stood
up and played an acoustic version of this song all by himself, and dedicated it to
Jeff.  I decided to post this in case any of you were wondering how he played it.


That lick above just repeats through both verses. (It's a Dsus2 chord) Chorus D A Em7 There in my mind, in my dreams you can hide, A and every night I'm gonna bring you back to life! D A Em7 There in my mind, just like an angel bathed in light, A tellin' me everything's gonna be alright... D (Dsus2) ...if I can just fall asleep tonight. Bridge(only strum the downbeats) Dsus2 A Have you ever felt so helpless, Em7 the walls built to protect us, Dsus2 suddenly are gone? Dsus2 A And you hate everything that's breathing, Em7 the life you're used to cheating, Dsus2 has finally caught on. Chorus
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