St Vincent – Champagne Year chords

Left handed
Record :
Live :

It's worth noting that the recorded version is played in A minor, and the live version 
is a step up
 in B minor. I have written out the chords, the chords in parentheses are optional, and would
suggest listening to the recorded track and timing the chord changes with the bassline 
and then
depending on your arrangement, adjust the tempo and the rhythms.


No Capo
Standard Tuning

Part A
Cmaj~ Amin~So I thought I'd learned my lesson
Cmaj~ Amin~But I secretly expected
Cmaj~A choir at the shore
Amin~ Fmaj~And confetti through the fallen air
Part B (Fmaj~) I'll make a living telling
(Gmaj) CmajPeople what they want to hear
FmajIt's not a killing, but it's
(Gmaj) Cmaj AminEnough to keep the cobwebs clear
Part C
Fmaj~ Gmaj~ Cause It's not a perfect plan
Fmaj~ Gmaj It's not a perfect plan
D5 D5/GmajBut it's the one we've got
Interlude Fmaj Gmaj Amin D* E5 Fmaj Gmaj x2
* -E|-x-|B|-3-|G|-0-|D|-4-|A|-5-|E|-x-|
Part B (Cmaj~) I'll make a living telling
(Amin) Cmaj AminPeople what they want to hear
Cmaj~But I tell you
Amin Fmaj CmajIt's going to be a Champagne Year
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