Stabbing Westward – How Can I Hold On tab

How Can I hold On by Stabbing Westward

Tabbed by Dave Bloom

This is the best I can get this song so far. It isn't as goog of a tab
as my others, but I think with what I got hear, you should be able to
get the basic riff, if you have a suggestion go ahead and send, i wont
be offended. Once I figure it out more clearer I will post it.

Drop D Tuning...


The riff...

The lyrics... Back when you were my life You gave me something that I could live for Now everything's changed You're gone but I'm still here waiting How can i hold on with nothing to hold on to Why should I hold on When there's nothing to hold on to Sex made me feel alive but now i'm So bored with mindless passion Drugs were somewhere to hide but They left me feeling cold and empty How can I hold on With nothing to hold on to Why shoul
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