Stages And Stereos - More Than Memories chords

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Than Memories by Stages and Stereos---------------------------------------------------------------------------_Tabbed by: Corey WeigandtEmail:
Tuning: Standard This is a really rough version of it. There are plenty of mistakes in this tab. I just wanted to get the basics out there and hopefully someone can use this to figure out more of the song. There were no other tabs/chords of this band so here's a start: previewing tab, is showing the spacing getting screwed up. Hopefully when i submit, it will work but if not, you should be able to hear the chord changes. The previewing is taking the chords a couple words off... (Don't know some chord names) B? B?2 F# G#m C#
B? B?2We're falling faster every second that we waste on
F#living in the moment 'til the moments gone.
But what have we got to lose?
B?You're a liar but I'm hanging on every word
B?2of every late night call, but most of all,
F# G#mI'm hoping that I'll be more that just a memory
F#when the feeling fades...
BI could tell by every word that was on your lips
C#and the touch of your hand. I know you're spinning me in circles again.
F# F# G#m F#No not again...
B? B?2It's taking everything that I have just to stay here.
F#Everything I am says to let go. But what have I got to lose?
B?I'm hoping for better next time.
B?2It kills me to know what you can't hide.
F#Your will is weak, but his talk is cheap.
G#m F#So I brace myself.
*CHORUS* ??? I can't take this. ??? We were so close.
F#I don't wanna know
F#I don't wanna know
C# BOh.........................
Don't Know the Solo Chords. Repeat the Chorus and Bridge again.
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