Staind – Cant Believe Acoustic tab


 BAND: Staind
 SONG: Can't Believe (acoustic)
 Tabbed by: Shaun Booth

 because i dont have a baritone acoustic,
 i play it like this and it sounds just as good:

 main riff strummed a bit like this:
 (just play something similar to this)

e--------------------| B--------------------| G--------------------| D-4---0-2---4---7--7-| A-2---2-2---5-5-5--5-| E-0-0-0-0-0-3-3-3--3-|
little solo riff (based on the two chord variations in the intro) this can be played two ways; 1) - the much easier way an one that sounds better
e|----------------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------------------------| D|-4-----0---2-----4-----5---/7\---4-----0---2-----4-----5~-| A|---2---------2-----5---------------2---------2-----5------| E|-----0---------0-----3---------------0---------0-----3----|
or an octave up (the way i originally learnt it) 2) -slightly harder, doesnt sound as good
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-11-----7---9-----11--------12--/14\--11-----7---9-----11--------12~-| D|----9---------9------12------------------9---------9------12---------| A|------7---------7-------10*----------------7---------7-------10*-----| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------| *sometimes this sounds better when you play 9th fret on D string
chorus: just Em, G
e|------------------| B|------------------| G|------------------| D|-2---2-2-/5---5-5-| A|-2---2-2-/5---5-5-| E|-0--00-0-/3--33-3-|
e|---------------| B|---------------| G|---------------| D|-2---2-2--5x4~-| A|-2---2-2--5x4~-| E|-0--00-0--3x2~-|
key: / = slide up \ = slide down ~ = let ring X = mute just listen to the song to get the timing >> this is my dodgy cover version of it email me if you have any questions/queries
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