Questions tab with lyrics by Staind - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Staind – Questions tab

Band- Staind
Song- Questions

Drop D tuning 

intro (do fade in efect w/ volume on guitar) 

E|---------------------------| B|---------------------------| G|---------------------------| D|---------------------------| A|------------8---5/7----7\5-| D|--0/7-7-7-7---7-----7------| these are all 1/4 notes
E|-----------------------------------| B|-9-9-9-9/10\-9-9-9\7-7-7-7/8-8-8-8-| G|-9-9-9-9/10\-9-9-9\7-7-7-7/8-8-8-8-| D|-7-7-7-7/8 \-7-7-7\5-5-5-5/6-6-6-6-| strum these pretty fast A|-----------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------|
verses are same as intro except add a harmonic A5 instead of 7/5 at the end theres little interlude parts once its a bunch of harmonics i cant pick up but other than that its the first note of the chorus repeated. intro E|-0/5-5-5-5-5-5-5-| not exact number of times verses same as intro chorus E|-5-5-5-5-9-9-9-9-3-3-3-3-7-7-7-7-| some part in the middle before 3:00 E|-3/5-| play with the rythem
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