Staind - For You Acoustic chords

Hey guys, I've been playing the guitar (You know, just sporadically) for the last 6 
And I couldn't find any simple chords for this song, so I was forced to make some. Anyway, 
me what you think!

Bm* means lift up ur middle finger. Don't know the technical term, Haha. Srry.

EmTo my Mother
BmTo my Father
EmIt's your son or
Bm*It's your daughter
EmAre my screams
DLoud enough for
EmYou to hear me?
CShould I turn this up for you?
Em DI sit here locked inside my head
Em DRemembering everything you've said
Cadd9 EmThe silence get's us no where
C EmGet's us no where way too fast
EmThe silence
BmIs what kills me
EmI need someone
Bm*Here to help me
EmBut you don't know
BmHow to listen
EmAnd let me make
Bm8 My decisions Chorus (x1) (Same pattern) All your insults And your curses Make me feel like I'm not a person And I feel like I am nothing But you make me So do something
EmCause I'm (Censored) up
BmBecause you are
EmNeed attention
CAttention you couldn't give
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