Staind – Fray chords

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Bmadd11 G6 Bm/E A G Bm D CEb|--0-----0--------7--------5-------3--------7------2------0----| Bb|--3-----0--------7--------5-------3--------7------3------1----| Gb|--4-----0--------7--------6-------0--------7------2------0----| Db|--0-----5--------9--------7-------0--------9------0------2----|Ab|--2-----5--------7--------7-------2--------9------0------3----| Eb|--x-----3--------x--------5-------3--------7------------------|
Bmadd11 G6i know that it never goes away
Bmadd11 G6all i feel, everything i'm not today
Bmadd11 so i try and i try to make everything right
G6i don't feel like i'm doing it, it affects me
Bm A Bm/E you wouldn't listen even if i told you
G6who the fuck am i to say?
Bm A Bm/E you're too busy with the lies they sold you
G6another cure to fix your day
Bm A Bm/E open wide for all the shit they feed you
G6while the TV defecates
Bm A Bm/E and blindly walk wherever they will lead you
G6 Bmadd11while the edges slowly fray
Bmadd11 G6Guitar interlude
Bmadd11 G6 (as the verse before) i know that everything can change what i need is to open up again so never again will i look back in vain cuz today's not the past, i don't need to relive it chorus...
G6 D... while the edges slowly fray
Bm C are you satisfied?
A D i've given all i can
Bm C and are you pacified
A Bmor do you want more from me?
Bmadd11 G6i've learned that this life's not just a game
Bmadd11 Gjust a line between the pleasures and the pain
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