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tabed by wayne m
Staind's Secret Track off the album "Dysfunction"

Standard tuning: low to high EADGBE
This is basically how it goes:


E---------------------B---------------------G------------0-------- Play 4 timesD---------4-----4-----A------2-----------2--E---0-----------------
E---------------------B---------------------G------------0-------- Play 4 timesD---------4-----4-----A------2-----------2--E---3-----------------
The verse is the same as the intro with the same picking pattern. Chorus
E---------------------B------------0--------G---------2-----2----- Play 2 timesD------2-----------2--A---0-----------------E---------------------
E---------------------B------------0--------G---------0-----0----- Play 2 timesD------2-----------2--A---3-----------------E---------------------
The rest just repeats: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, etc. That's about the jist of it.
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