Staind - Bonghits For Breakfast tab

I myself when playing it usually put together Aaron's and the J-CAT version but, meh. 
give you Aaron's version (lot easier for me! =P) Well, at least this is what I believe to 
Aaron's version watching the video about 10 times.

Obviously, half a step down.

eb| -------------------------------|Bb| -----8---------8---------------|Gb| -----7---------7---------------|Db| -------------------------------|Ab| --7-----0----------------------|Eb| --0-----0---66-----------------|
eb| ------------------------0000---|Bb| --777----888---666------3333---|Gb| --666----777---555------2222---|Db| --666----777---555------2222---|Ab| ------------------------0000---|Eb| -------------------------------|
eb -----------------------0000---0-----|Bb --777----888---666------3333---4-----|Gb --666----777---555------2222---3-----|Db --666----777---555------2222---3-----|Ab ------------------------0000---0-----|Eb ------------------------------------|
Watch the video at: for the timing and such, and if I accidently left something out, or you think something right, or you have a question, please feel free to ask!
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